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Pharos Frontline

The Frontline compilation album is a selections of roots reggae music produced in a combination of traditional and contemporary styles, showcasing all the artists currently in the Pharos family, from veterans like Little Roy, Earl 16 and Gregory Issacs to newcomers like Anthony John and Eazy Wayne. Pharos Frontline is an attempt to bring the magic of reggae music to a wider audience and to enable the talents of our younger artists to shine alongside the more famous names. All tracks have been recorded live and produced by Pan Lemos, mostly at Century 21 studios and bear the musical hallmarks of a Pharos production, “crisp Horseman Rocker’s drum sound, Bubbler’s sophisticated Rockers arrangements, intelligent wisdom lyrics as well as an aesthetic approach to the inner sleeve art work” – Professor Barnabas

Volume 1 (Compilation Album) - 2006

  1. Anthony John - Come Together
  2. Empress Ayeola - Don’t Be Resentful
  3. Fredlocks - Forces
  4. Little Roy - Membership Card
  5. The Amharic - Why oh Why
  6. Eazy Wayne - Worries of Life
  7. Fredlocks - Rastaman Fight
  8. The Amharic - Survivor
  9. Eazy Wayne - Armagideon Thing
  10. Earl ‘16’ Daley - African Teaching
  11. Yaashanti Kemai - Thank You Jah
  12. Gregory Issacs - Fancy Words
  13. Ruddy Thomas - Dance With Me
  14. Little Roy - Stay a Little Bit Longer
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